team PayPal edition

(many thanks to GitHub's Octodex for the octocat avatars!)

Josh Bleecher Snyder

Software Engineer

glaciers, Plainsong, backpacking, learning new things, gofmt, chocolate, exercise, Shackleton, everything that's not poison oak.

Jeff Brateman

Software Engineer

hiking, theater, gourmet chips and salsa, biking, galumphing with the Jabberwocky, travel, matchitecture, salads.

Brent Fitzgerald

Software Engineer

finding lost items, grid systems, Deep Breakfast, hardy houseplants, knobby tires, hubble photos, mint, the bots.

Dave Goldman

Software Engineer

science fiction, handstands, trapeze, contradance, that the robot/nanotech/asteroid/gamma-ray-burst apocalypse hasn’t yet arrived, the thing currently peering over your left shoulder.

Carol Haverty

Business Development

data analysis, technology matchmaking, Charlie the Unicorn, reading books in foreign languages, skiing, music, hitting the road, killer coffee, the Science Times.

Mike Mettler

Product Manager

international travel, burritos, backpacking, Nicholas Kristof, eggs, xkcd, P.G. Wodehouse, Ziggy.

Roman Punskyy

Software Engineer

technology, mobiles, movies, series, reading books & Dr. Pepper

Ziggy Stardust

Chief Happiness Officer

treats, dust bunnies, rocks, dirt, my humans, mobile credit card scanning.

Tom Whipple

Software Engineer

coffee, being outside, snow

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